Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am a commitment-phobic young adult. The idea of settling down in any fashion is quite unsettling with me. And so, I've made a lifelong commitment, the only one that does not terrify me with the idea of closing doors. I'm ripping all the doors down. 

I'm making a commitment to myself. I want to be able to sustain myself, not monetarily, but with my own knowledge. I want to be able to change my own oil and fix my own car and then not rely on it. I want to grow my own food and then turn it into sustenance. I want to learn how to provide my own medical care, from healing to birthing to maintaining good health. And most importantly, I want to share it all. 

I'm committing to not backing out, and finding a way through all obstacles to uphold my promises, and therefore, not making promises I may not be able to keep. Even if money or other commitments stand in the way, I will find the way to still come through in the end. 

I'm committing to confronting. I don't want to let problems or issues pass me by, I want to tackle them head on and leave nothing unsaid, misunderstood, or unclear. 

These things I can do. I cannot commit to concrete, material things, or to time, but I can commit to a mindset and a lifestyle, both of which I believe will remain in a constant state of becoming.

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andrea said...

hi maam.

don't ever settle down don't ever fucking settle down