Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Take a sad song and make it better

In the times where that is absolutely essential to do, it is also the most difficult. There is nothing left for me to do, it's in another's hands, and what could happen may tell a tragic story, but tragedy is not always avoidable and is sometimes necessary.

I put some bread in the toaster oven earlier and left it too long. The bread, of course, was covered in black, but most still looked edible. I began to scrape at the black part and found it flaked off like dust and left a perfectly good piece of toast, buttered it, and ate it. It was crunchy but still yummy.

So even when it looks as though something is unrepairable, the burnt part can be scraped off. Of course, it's not always that easy, especially when if the toast burns til its a hockey puck, but nonetheless, it made me smile when i thought about it.

I ask that anyone who reads this please keep a family member of mine in your thoughts or prayers or send good vibes their way, whichever path you choose. I know it's not going to be a pretty next few weeks, but even the darkest, steepest side of the mountain is warmed by the sun, thanks to the earth's orbit.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All their colors paint a story you could never tell in words

Try to read the smile of the girl in the corner
Her eyes so far a part
They don't seem to know her
She floats above the trees
Her hair curls in the breeze
And you ask her
Why don't you have any knees?

Try to read the gaze of the girl by the window
Puffs a cigarette
From a face that's a shadow
She stands alone and fair
No clean clothes to wear
And you ask her
Why don't you have any hair?

Try to read the shrug of the boy in the middle
Holds a magic wand
His hair is getting brittle
He seems to understand
He must become a man
And you ask him
Why don't you have any hands?

And when their spirits met they knew there was something
Greater than this world
made out of nothing
They see the beauty in
Bodies connecting
And they ask you
Why don't you have any veins?
Why don't you have any eyes?
Why don't you have any ears?
Why don't you have any heart?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

From mind to body

Took a walk today to ease my mind
Had a destination that I thought I'd try
My skin was kissed by the sunshine
I felt the warmth it brought was not unkind

The roads were busy but the tree-lined streets
Welcomed friends to walk beneath
And on a corner a marketplace
Bearing gifts of the organic taste

I found some echinacea planting seeds
And some things for a tasty treat
As I headed home, I found a friend
And forgot the place I'd meant to end

I find less meaning living in my head
I'm moving to the beat of another tread
The world beckons my dancing feet
I take a walk now as a treat

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A fresh start

My house is on a busy one-way street. I sit on the front porch, any time of day, and serenade the passers-by on their way to class or Fry St. My music and the music blaring through open windows of cars mingle in the air for brief synapses. We constructed a clothesline in our living room because the dryers at the laundromat wouldn't dry our clothes. I didn't realize before how colorful our wardrobes are. Of course, all my tie dye shirts don't help. Today, I helped a lady coax her cat out from under a car while it was raining.

I've dropped and added at least 5 different classes, unable to make up my mind, and bought the textbooks for all of them only to have no use of them. My boss told me yesterday that tomorrow is my last day at my job, they can't work around my class schedule. I found out today that I'll have a total of 40 hours of volunteering required this semester. An interesting swap- more work for free less work for money. But who needs money anyway? I'm glad it worked out this way, my mindset'll get a much needed energy boost.

I'm making a list of trees that I want to climb on campus and around Denton. I found two so far. And I have all the materials to make a swing for one of the trees in front of our house, I just need to drill holes in the board and put it all together. And I've been thinking about my garden. Since there are no areas in the backyard that get consistently good sunlight all day, I've thought of putting plants in pots of sorts so I can move them around with the sun! And then when I move, or go anywere, I can bring them with me :)