Monday, May 17, 2010

Free and feeling everything

Sitting in the big blue papasan chair in the room I call "mine", I sit with my leg propped on a pillow and an ice bag on the wooden chair that serves as my nightstand. The sun is setting and green is the only color I can see when I look out the window in front of me. Vines have taken over the space where trees and shrubs do not grow and these plants all intertwine and creep up the walls of our house and between the cracks in the windows in the room that was Ali's and is now Taylor's.

The growing vines, setting sun, and my slowly healing ankle are only a taste of the changes in this place. Spring semester is over, Saturday was commencement ceremony, Sunday was farewell day. Now I find new things to do and spend time with new people. I find myself thinking about changes a lot. Funny how the things you want to change don't and the things you don't want to change do. But when people and things change and leave, a place that was occupied in your time is now open for something new. This is freedom, in a new sense.

Today, I hobbled around on crutches, organized my room, aired up my car tires, read an entire book that made me smile :) and made an intention for this summer: live and leave theory alone.