Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nine Things to do in 2009

1. Go on a well-researched road trip to places in the US I’ve never been to. Any suggestions or companions are welcome :]

2. Read more good books. Stuff about philosophy, other cultures, religion, whatever will expand my understanding, mind, and credibility.

3. Research fuel economic cars and figure out what to do with my not-so-efficient car.

4. Reach out to my mom and brother and figure out how to help them understand each other and get along better

5. Delve deeper into guitar: learn how to recognize chords, notes, key, all by ear, and learn scales and more difficult chords.

6. Find time to volunteer regularly.

7. Ride some really freaky roller coasters and really get over that fear.

8.  Go to a new festival. Rainbow Gathering may not be possible, but one like it, or Bonnaroo, or Burningman.

9. Learn Spanish, without a classroom.

1 comment:

_antonio said...

Why hello there, Jordan.
Sounds like a good list! :)