Sunday, May 18, 2008

Soul to soul, evolving from Disney to Adam and Eve

I never realized before how great a song "You'll be in my heart" from Tarzan is. I always have loved it, but found it kind of cheesy, but this time I listened to the words and they really spoke to me. I never could find just the right word to explain it, but I think I've kind of found it with the help of these lyrics and a really deep conversation with my best friend. I find that I have always been ashamed to have feelings for someone. I'm embarrassed. I'm afraid of one more unrequited crush or that they'll get awkward around me if they find out (i also get paranoid that they'll figure it out) and any friendship we might have would be tainted because they would assume that everything I do stems from a crush. I'm afraid of being "creepy". All this wierd paranoia makes me feel like a third grader. 

I'm the firmest of firm believers in soulmates and in signs, so I'm always on the lookout, or rather, ready to receive, any signs that a person could be my soulmate, yet if I get any hints of a vibe, I immediately apply my paranoia and embarrasment for even considering it. I want to feel completed and at peace when I receive vibes from any person, but I'm afraid that I'll be wrong. I'm afraid to misconstrue something and it wind up wrong. I'm even more afraid that I'll be right. I am terribly timid towards commitment, and to be right about that sort of thing is the ultimate form of commitment. 

I had a sort of epiphany a while ago. Our souls are our ultimate conscience. They are behind our backs, constantly pulling us towards our truest selves and our truest matches. I believe in two kinds of soulmates: the people who know your soul and with whom there are no secrets and the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with, who also falls into the first soulmate category. There is nothing hidden from those who truly know your soul. Adam and Eve were created as soulmates in this way, which is why they did not need clothes. They were soulmates to each other and to God. (sorry to get religious..) There was nothing hidden because they knew each other's souls, the most intimate and all-knowing that two people can be, therefore, the nakedness on the surface was nothing, because they could see through every layer of each other, physically, emotionally, down as far as could be reached. 

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