Thursday, July 21, 2011

Murphy's Law is a sign of good fortune, right?

One week before I had planned to embark on Operation Major Life Change (aka moving across the country), my car, safely parked in front of my house, had a little run in. Needless to say.... OMLC has been delayed by Murphy's Law. Yeah, it's pretty frustrating, I was eager to get on with a new adventure. But I suppose in my eagerness I nearly left my home state with a few loose ends left untied. I suppose it's not what I had planned- staying with my parents for a week plus some, sharing a futon with my brother, reading and being lazy- but sometimes the best laid plans go awry to make room for a better plan. I'm glad, at least, to get some extra time to spend with family and some dear, old friends, and a chance to practice being a grown up before having to do it on my own in another time zone.

But seriously... I'm ready to get MOVING!!! :)

Silly quote:
"Picky-picky, I hope you have 9 lives, and you wake up tomorrow someone else's cat, and sometimes they feed you melon rinds."
- Ramona Quimby, from Ramona and Beezus by Beverly Cleary

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