Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July, July! It never seemed so strange...

Hello, July, old friend! You always sneak up on me before I'm quite ready. It's only when you radiate your heat from every surface open to summer sun rays that I realize you're here.

I've forgotten to do a lot of things I meant to. Vegetable garden... oops. Guitar strap... oops. Doorknob... oops. But it's best not to burn out on stuff to do, right? All in good time, I'll get done the things I want to. I'm at least happy to say I managed to make it to my cousin's bar mitzvah in New York, even though my boss didn't give me the time off until two days before my flight. Unfortunately, I couldn't hem or haw my way out of working this weekend so I could make it to Rainbow Gathering. *crosses fingers the world doesn't end before next year's* But I am intending to put in my two weeks pretty soon so I'll have all of august to roam the Eastern countryside. Florida... Smokey Mountains in Tennessee... maybe? All in good time :)

My backyard appears to be infested with fleas, mosquitos, and poison ivy. However, I discovered a place to climb on the flat part of the carport roof, and huzzah! My haven! And restless feet are pointing Northeast lately, after the afore mentioned New York trip. I'd forgotten the beloved warmth of family, and am beginning to wish I lived closer. All in good time. I may find myself wandering after graduation. Pick an agency and ask to be a rover. I'm sure someone needs a good utility social worker :)

The absence of close friends and the heavy weight of summer classes and work gives me much time to myself. Sometimes that's a good thing... but mostly I just think too much. But even this will pass soon.


Taylor said...

4 days until I'm home, and we start planning for our epic road trip.

Or we could just get wicked drunk and just go.

pianoflames said...

have fun in florida! thanks so much for letting me bum your couch

andrea said...

i vote wicked drunk.

i hope the road is good to you. if you make it to rainbow next year you can camp with us.