Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our memory is too digital

I lost my camera, my dinky digital that I finally mastered after messing around with film. 

First, my movies. Now my camera, but this time it was my fault. Perhaps another reinforcer at how responsible I'm expected to be. Or perhaps the natural order pushing me away from the social conformance and into a world where i hold a tighter grasp on my own individual experience. 

I'm back to film. I've missed it, but I miss my digital more. It's sad when automated rinky-dinks are more appealing than hands-on creativity doohickies. Especially when the appeal is provoked by money.

- - There is only now. Everything is temporary. This is your life. Love is all you need. Feed your mind. Create instead of forcing. Don't blend into the world; put yourself into it. - -

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